Gardena Senior High School

Class of 2015

LAUSD Graduation Requirements for the Class of 2015
English 4 Years
40 credits
English 9AB
English 10AB
Contemporary Composition
American Literature
Expository Composition
12th Grade English Elective
Mathematics 2 Years
20 Credits
Algebra 1AB
Geometry AB
Algebra 2AB (If Algebra 1AB was completed in middle school)
or Math Analysis AB (If Geometry AB was completed in middle school)
Biological Science 1 Year
10 Credits
Biology AB
Physical Science 1 Year
10 Credits
Chemistry AB
Social Science 3 Years
30 Credits
World History AB
US History AB
Principles of American Democracy (Government)
Visual and/or Performing Arts 1 Year
10 Credits
Art AB
Digital Imaging AB
Theatre Workshop AB
Physical Education 2 Years
20 Credits
Physical Education 1AB
Physical Education 2AB
Health 1 Semester
5 Credits
Applied Technology 1 Year
10 Credits
Computer Programming, Digital Computers, Digital Imaging
Elective 75 Credits All Other Classes
Total Credits 230 Credits 230 Credits is only a Minimum
Assessments CAHSEE English: 350 to pass
Math: 350 to pass
Service Learning Needed Project completed in senior year
Computer Literacy Needed Fulfilled by Computer related courses