Gardena Senior High School

Class of 2016

LAUSD Graduation Requirements for the Class of 2015
English 4 Years
40 credits
English 9AB
English 10AB
Contemporary Composition
American Literature
Expository Composition
12th Grade English Elective
Mathematics 3 Years
30 Credits
Algebra 1AB
Geometry AB
Algebra 2AB
Biological Science 1 Year
10 Credits
Biology AB
Physical Science 1 Year
10 Credits
Chemistry AB
Social Science 3 Years
30 Credits
World History AB
US History AB
Principles of American Democracy (Government)
Language other
than English
2 Years
20 Credits
Foreign Language 1AB
Foreign Language 2AB
Visual and/or Performing Arts 1 Year
10 Credits
Art AB
Digital Imaging AB
Theatre Workshop AB
Physical Education 2 Years
20 Credits
Physical Education 1AB
Physical Education 2AB
Health 1 Semester
5 Credits
Applied Technology - Not Required
College Prep Electives 1 Year
10 Credits
A College Prep Class
Other Electives 25 Credits All Other Classes
Total Credits 210 Credits 210 Credits is only a Minimum
Assessments CAHSEE English: 350 to pass
Math: 350 to pass
Service Learning Needed Project completed in senior year
Computer Literacy Needed Fulfilled by Computer related courses