Gardena Senior High School

Magnet School

The Gardena High Magnet functions as a part of the Global Leadership Academy. This academy works with students who have an interest in speaking multiple languages and working for large companies that do business in other countries. 


The Foreign Language Magnet will provide a specific focus and foundation for a specific focus and foundation for an appreciation of Foreign Languages and International Studies and their interdependency within the Global World.  The GOAL is to provide each student with the knowledge and skills to be able to overcome the tensions and conflicts within multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, and multi-linguistic communities.   



Gardena High School's Magnet provides a broad-based emphasis of "global awareness" as a central thread and recurring theme across all of the disciplines. Each department and/or subject areas offered will provide individual classroom and school-wide activities to enhance the significance of International Studies and Multi-Cultural Awareness.


All Magnet students are in a college prep program. The classes meet graduation requirements as well as college-entry requirements.


Students who apply and are accepted into the Gardena Foreign Language International Studies Magnet program AND who live more than two (2) miles from Gardena High School's attendance area are provided with transportation. Bus transportation to and from school is free of charge.  Students who live less than two (2) miles from our attendance area and need transportation may fill out an MTA bus application (available in the Attendance Office.)