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Click here to access a list of Frequently Asked Questions for MyData.  Please see the list below for current questions.

  • What is MyData?
  • When will my school have access to MyData?
  • How can I access MyData?
  • How do I log in?
  • Can I access MyData from home?
  • How current is the data?
  • How can I receive training on MyData?
  • What should I do if I see a mistake in my data?
  • Will I still have access to DSS?
  • Is MyData secure?
  • Why does MyData sometimes run so slowly?
  • How can I make recommendations to improve MyData?
  • What role does MyData have in an accountability system?
  • How can I use MyData to improve instruction?
  • My computer is not working. I can’t get on the Internet. I forgot my password.

MyData Guides

Click here to view other videos about the basic functionality of MyData.                   
Getting Started This PowerPoint document will orient you to the major features of MyData.      
MyData PD Guide This three page guide includes activities for before, during and after your professional development.   
Using Auto Filter with MyData Reports
Using Print Screen with MyData          
Click here to learn more about the following guides for step-by-step instructions.
CAHSEE 10th Grade Proficient What percent of my 10th grade students are scoring proficient on the CAHSEE?           
CAHSEE Pass What percent of my students have passed CAHSEE?   
CAHSEE Not Pass Which students have NOT passed the latest CAHSEE test administration at my school?    Periodic Asst What percentages of students fall into each performance level for each content area? And for a 3-5 year trend?      
At-Risk How do I identify which students are at-risk of dropping out? What about those needing early intervention?           
Attendance How can I find my school’s overall attendance rate and identify students who need attendance intervention?    
Entering School-Based Assessments - PowerPoint tutorial        
Creating Custom Groups - PowerPoint tutorial