Gardena Senior High School

Principal's Message

School updates:

Vision statement: Gardena High School recognizes the value of each student.  The school encourages individual creativity and development of the skills needed to become productive members of a technologically evolving society.  Equally important is the development of moral awareness.  An understanding and appreciation of our social and cultural diversity is also very important.



Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year.  In an effort to provide our students with appropriate intervention as well as academic enrichment opportunities we changed our bell schedule. School starts at 8:15AM and ends at 3:18PM Monday through Thursday,  On Friday's school starts at 9:20AM and ends at 3:17PM.  


Students who are provided transportation by LAUSD buses will maintain a consistent bus schedule everyday - Monday through Friday,  Students will arrive to school daily prior to 8:15AM and will be picked up after school at 3:18PM..  While most teachers will be at Professional Development meetings on Friday's from 8:15AM to 9:15AM, students who ride the school bus will be provided enrichment activities under the supervision of certificated staff.   


Thank you for your support!


Ms. Rosie Martinez