Gardena Senior High School

Smaller Learning Communities

Gardena High is comprised of 3 smaller learning communities.


1.  ACCER - Architecture, Construction, Computer Science and Robotics.

The Architecture, Construction, Computer Science and Robotics Students academy will work in the following careers:

  • Engineering, including Aerospace
  • Construction
  • Computer Analyst, Systems Analyst, Computer programmer, Data Analyst
  • Landscape Design
  • Video game development



2. GLA - Global Leadership Academy  

The Global Leadership Academy is a combination of Magnet students and the students who have an interest in business, leadership, and speaking multiple languages.  Students in this academy will pursue careers in:

  • Working for large companies that do business in other countries.
  • Stock market
  • Banking and Finance - Accounting
  • Business Management
  • Interpreters for International Companies
  • Entrepreneurship - Owning Your Own Business



3. SHAPS - Sports Medicine, Health, and Public Service

The Sports Medicine, Health, and Public Service academy will focus on career on health or public service professions including the following:

  • Healthcare - Nursing, Doctor, Physical Therapy, Dentist
  • Sports Therapy
  • Public Service - Law Enforcement, Fire, Paramedics
  • Psychologist and Social Worker
  • Teacher
  • Attorney, Paralegal